We’ve been busy!

Latest newsletter of Friends of JEF e.V. is now available.

It has been a while but we are hoping to make this more regular so you can keep posted on what is happening in our Federalist family.

Friends of JEF exists primarily to support the work of JEF Europe through financially supporting its activities and lending experience where possible. It is also a network to connect JEFers of all ages, because remember ‘once a JEFer, always a JEFer’. We hope in the next months to grow our network, and lend our strength to the Federalist cause as much as we can. It is because of this we encourage you to join Friends of JEF and donate if you can, but also to please tell your friends and fellow Federalists about this. We also really want to know you better as a subscriber to this newsletter, and so ask you to please complete our Contact Details Form. With this, we hope that we can better connect you to what is happening in JEF, ask you for help in better piecing together our history, and explore scope for ways we can work to support the Federalist cause, should you be someone with a little bit of free time or spare resources.

If you think you can lend some time to our work, or you might have knowledge that could be useful in any form, please get in touch with us on friends@jef.eu!

Pauline Gessant
President, Friends of JEF
President of JEF Europe 2011-15

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