Want to connect or reconnect with your JEF Family?Join our local meetings

Thousands of people found friendship, sometimes even love, through their JEF membership. All found a place in the JEF Family. Part of being a JEFer is meeting old friends and making new ones. Friends of JEF’s socials are the place to do precisely that.

That’s why the members of the Friends of JEF Board are ready to organise café meet-ups with former and current JEFers.

  • For Brussels – Chris
  • For London – Drenusha, supported by Chris #2 
  • For Paris & Lille – Pauline 
  • For Berlin – Simon 
  • For Geneva & Italy – Till 
  • For Switzerland – Sven 

If you would like to join a meeting in one of these cities or organise similar meetings in other cities, please contact us and we will put you in contact.

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