JEF’s projects

Here comes a collection of JEF pan-European projects over the past years .

JEF Europe EP election campaign 2019

JEF Europe and UEF will be cooperating closely for the 2019 European Parliament elections under the common slogan “I choose Europe”. JEF Europe is leading a coalition of NGOs in the project “European Youth Together: Road to the Future” (EYT-RTF) intended to encourage young people to participate in debates about Europe and vote in the European Elections 2019. The campaign was launched with a youth event for nearly 2000 people in Paris in March. Before the elections, youth activists from the sections were trained and given tools to organise local events in 13 countries. A bus tour for JEFers will connect many of these events and take activists to a tour across Europe. This will be accompanied by an online campaign using social media and an interactive website presenting ideas collected throughout the project.

JEF Trainings – 2019

JEF Training for trainers in media literacy in Novi Sad

22 February to 3 March the first JEF Europe training for trainers in media literacy and critical thinking took place in Novi Sad, the European Youth Capital of 2019. The training is part of JEF Europe annual work plan funded by the European Youth Foundation. 24 young and motivated participants from all over Europe came together in Novi Sad to enhance their training skills, learn about media literacy and prepare local and regional activities that might happen close to your place. This training was the first activity aimed at creating JEF Europe Pool of Trainers in non-formal education, to high quality educational component of all JEF activities.

Training for facilitators and organizers, Struga 2-9.02

2-9 February, 40 youth activists attended a Training for facilitators and organizers hosted by the Centre for Intercultural Dialogue in Struga, North Macedonia. The participants developed their organizational skills and learnt moderation techniques as well as planned a series of debates with MEP candidates in 13 countries. The training was part of the preparatory phase of the campaign “I Choose Europe” coordinated by JEF Europe and aiming to raise awareness of the upcoming European Elections.

JEF’s Democracy under Pressure Campaign 

Since 2006, JEF Europe has been organising the “Free Belarus Action” to raise awareness about the Lukashenko regime, characterised as the “last dictatorship” in Europe. Given the current trend of illiberal democracies across Europe, the “Free Belarus Action” was rebranded in 2014 to the “Democracy under Pressure Action”.

The action week aimed at drawing attention to democratic values systematically being weakened, wants to raise awareness about the situation in several European countries, as well as to show solidarity within our own JEF family.

The action week was kicked off by a social media campaign, spreading the message through Facebook and Twitter to almost 215.000 people. Furthermore, over 25 local sections from Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Norway took part and organised a street action. Please find all the photos here.

During JEF Europe’s Spring Federal Committee 2018 in Skopje, the Executive Board awarded the best actions around the network:

  • Best local actionJEF Saarland (Germany) for their creative chalk messages on the pavement at the local university.
  • Best external outreachLes Jeunes Européens – France for their demonstration at Place de la Republique in Paris.
  • Best geographical outreachEuropeisk Ungdom(JEF Norway) for organizing street actions in 9 local sections + the executive board.

Capacity Building Trainings (2017)

Last year marked the beginning of JEF Europe’s Secretariat holding Capacity Building trainings in the headquarters in Brussels. These have covered various critical topics like completing Erasmus+ applications, organising time and activities effectively, planning civic educational visits to schools, and so on.

These workshops were made possible thanks to the financial support of Friends of JEF. Together we can help fund activities essential for the future growth and strengthening of the Federalist cause. If you’re interested in donating you can via bank transfer (details on website).

Democracy Upgraded (2015)

Through the different activities of European democracy updemupggraded we aim at raising awareness on the need of updating democracy in Europe, giving the opportunity to young people to discuss, propose and develop new forms of democracy highlighting the advantages that such upgrade would bring to our continent and all people living in there. A special focus is given to the role that civil society could and should have in this process. Furthermore, the workplan provides opportunities for young people attending our activities to develop relevant skills for becoming active ambassadors for an updated democracy in Europe.

Move Europe Forward (2014)

Move EuropeEECampaingLogo3DEF-e1395056976606 Forward was the campaign of the Young European Federalists towards the European Parliament elections in May 2014. Through informative events, local public consultations, a bus tour and a series of pan-European actions, JEF seeked to encourage young people to be active part of democracy at the European level.

Welcome to Europe (2010-11)

w2e‘Welcome to Europe’ is a trans-national seminar aiming at gathering
young people from differentEuropean countries actively involved in youth organisations to share and discuss to improve their know-how on the integration of immigrants and to discuss about the role of youth organisations as facilitators for the inclusion of youngsters with a migration background in the civil society and in the political life.

Europe@myDesk (2009-10)

Europe@myDesk aimed at bringing Europe closer to young people and youth workers through an improved and active access toinformation on European issues featuring effective information debates in schools and the development of youth media on these topics. The goal of this project is to create a self-sustainable multinational and multilingual information network by young people and for young people based on a bottom-up model. To achieve, the project wishes to provide the tools to young citizens of different geographical, social, and cultural backgrounds to gather, analyse, and exchange news, ideas, and stories on European topics.

Local Europe (2008)

localeuropeDeveloped in the framework of the European Commission’s Europe for Citizens programme, Local Europe aimed first at engaging European youngsters with the main issues of the European integration project and strengthening their desire to take part in the European adventure; what is more it provided training for the local activists, NGOs and trainers as the means for dealing with European issues in their endeavours.

Free Belarus action (2006-2013)

The first around of this action took place on the backdrop of the show-elections in Belarus in 2006. The actions served to raise awareness among civil society about the last dictatorship in Europe. Some nice pics and texts in German can be found at JEF Hessen.

Speak Up Europe (2007)

Through a set of 25 national web portals and numerous face-to-face meetings JEF together with several partners aims to offer a permanent space for debate to a large number of European citizens. The campaign was launched on the 23rd of November 2006 and will run all the way until the end of 2007. In the framework of this project the action europeanvibes aimed at fostering dialogue among young European citizens on exactly the vibes that make up what young Europeans care about today.

Galaxy Europe! (2006)

The main objective of the campaign was to promote the European Parliament (EP) and bring closer the work of the Members of the European parliament (MEPs) to the young citizens.


Yes Campaign! (2005)

Join JEF and its partners in the YES Campaign! Say Yes to a more transparent, democratic and efficient Europe by supporting our campaign in your home town! You can make a difference!


Give Europe a Face! (2004-5)

The objectives of the campaign can be explained as follows: the fostering of the idea of European Citizenship through spreading the idea that there is more that unites young people in Europe than what separates them.

Constitutional Convention (2002-3)

At the time the only website and information platform about the European Convention (operated by JEF and the legendary Jon Worth of course).

European Constitution Now (1999-2001)

constitution_01Nice 2000 demonstration (2000)

On the occasion of the European Council that concluded the intergovernmental conference negotiating the Nice Treary, the Young European Federalists and the Union of European Federalists gathered 10,000 people in Nice (France)  calling for a European Constitution.