Website relaunch

Workshop RelaunchThanks to Jon we have relaunched the Friends of JEF website this weekend. Great new and simple design. Wordpress-based. Also, we now have a proper mailing system. As always, feedback is much welcome. Please let us know, if you miss any information or there are any bugs.

With the mailing system we may send a few more occasional emails but this should never spam your inboxes.

Where we would like to ask for your support is:
– sign up with your current email address.
– make sure that your JEF friends from the days have also signed up. You can now use this form here on this website to add your/their contact details.
– if you have any nice pictures or stories from your time, please send them over to the board and we are happy to add them to the photo gallery.

Congratulations to new JEF team


At its European Congress in Zurich on 24 October 2015 JEF-Europe adopted its policy for the coming two years and elected a new Bureau. Our president Jan had the chance to address the Congress and invite retiring JEFers to join the Friends of JEF.

For the next two years Christopher Gl├╝ck and his team are now in chance and we wish them a strong federalist hand in their fight for a united Europe.

A big round of appreciation also goes to our board member Pauline Gessant for her dedicated four years as JEF president and the great contribution she and her team have made to the organisation.

More information on the Congress can be found on the JEF website.