25th European Congress of JEF Europe elects Leonie Martin as President

On 25-27 October, JEF held its 25th European Congress in Paris, gathering 210 JEFers from 21 countries.

The European Congress elected a new Executive Board for the mandate of 2019 – 2021, with Leonie MARTIN (NL/DE) being elected as President. Sebastiano PUTOTO (BE/IT) and Emma FARRUGIA (MT) have been elected as Vice-Presidents; Christopher POWERS (UK) has been elected as Treasurer. Diletta ALESE (IT), Hanna KIVIMÄKI (FI), Moritz SCHLEICHER (DE) and Andreas HØSTGAARD POULSEN (DK) were elected as Executive Board members.

The new JEF Executive Board

The JEFers attending the Congress also had the opportunity to meet and discuss with former JEFers: David Grace, JEF Secretary General 1978-1980 and JEF President 1981-1983, Kim Gammelgaard, JEF FC member 1989-1995, Paolo Vacca, JEF President 1999-2001, now UEF SG.

The JEF Congress also voted unanimously in favour of giving the candidate section “DME – Društvo Mladi Evropejci (JEF Slovenia)” the status of a full member section

The Congress adopted resolutions on current political challenges, including on: improving the Spitzenkandidaten system, completing the Banking Union, on a sustainable Europe, on right-wing extremism and anti-semitism, on European defence and the security union, and on the EU-US relationship.

The European Congress thanked the outgoing Executive Board for its successful and dedicated work from 2017 – 2019 and in particular the outgoing President Christopher GLÜCK who, after six years on the board of JEF Europe (as Vice- and for the majority as President), bid his farewell to his active time in JEF but Chris has just joined Friends of JEF and will embody the motto “once a JEFer, always a JEFer”.

Christopher Glück’s farewell speech

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