Come join us at Friends of JEF gathering 2017 in Rome

Please join us for our next gathering of former JEFers in Rome! On the occasion of the federalist celebrations for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome the Friends of JEF (FoJ) will meet to discuss some politics, see what JEF is doing and catch up with old friends!

When: weekend 25 March 2017 (with our main activites on Saturday afternoon & evening and the FoJ assembly at noon on Sunday)

Where: Rome (all meetings around the Pantheon area)

What next: spread the word with your JEF friends and plan your trip to Rome! Register (below) and arrange your travels. We expect that accomodation will be scarce due to the federalist event, the JEF FC and a special European Council taking place. Feel free to share our communications and updates for the event from our Twitter and Facebook channels.

Programme: The programme is available here – note some changes to times and locations!. Please note that our FoJ activities are taking place on Saturday afternoon. You are more than welcome to join the other federalist activities and celebrations with the convention conference and the demonstration beforehands. However, FoJ is not involved in their organisation.

Register here! (Only registrations through this google form are ‘official’)

For any questions contact Jan, Till and Paolo or anyone else from the Friends of JEF bureau. Information on our general assembly on the 26th March 2017 in Rome will be posted on this website soon.

Always a generation ahead!

Simply a generation ahead!Since its beginnings in the late 1940s, tens of thousands of young Europeans have gone through the JEF experience. Friends of JEF is a platform that enables JEFers of different generations to keep in touch, reactivate lost contacts, and support the active generations.

An investment in a better future

JEF (Young European Federalists) is currently present with national sections in more than 40 countries all over Europe. Its eagerness to upgrade democracy , to strengthen the values of freedom and tolerance, and to reach out to all generations, all regions, and all social groups is stronger than ever. With its campaigns ranging from grassroot sections up to the decision-making hubs in Brussels, Strasbourg and worldwide, JEF is at once an effective local and global player.

Supporting JEF is and remains a good investment in a better future!

JEF Official Statement on Paris Attacks

“There is no better answer to hatred than fraternity.” JEF Europe condemns Paris attacks.

Official Statement of the Young European Federalists (JEF) on the terrorist attacks of 13 November 2015 in Paris.

“Last night, Paris was attacked, again. Not even a year after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January, the French capital was hit even harder by several terrorist attacks, which have cost the lives of over a hundred people.

Yesterday night’s attacks in Paris leave us shocked, sad and angry. All of our thoughts and our compassion are with the victims and with those who have lost their loved ones, as well as with the French people, still in a state of shock.

Last night, not only Paris got hurt, but the whole of Europe felt the pain. This was not an attack on France as much as it was an attack on universal human values, on the very foundations of the free, open and democratic societies we strive to be. Our answer can only be to be ever more united in defending our European core values of freedom, democracy and peace.

We stand united and in solidarity with our friends from JEF France and beyond in these difficult moments. We believe that there is no better answer to hatred and terror than unity, solidarity and fraternity. We remain proud of the democratic values we stand for and we will continue fighting together for what we believe in. Just as the city of lights will never go dark, we will not allow fear, hate and menace to dim the light of democracy and liberty.

If some have ever thought there was no such thing as a European people, now is the time to prove them wrong. #NousSommesUnis”

First published in thenewfederalist on 14 November 2014.

Website relaunch

Workshop RelaunchThanks to Jon we have relaunched the Friends of JEF website this weekend. Great new and simple design. Wordpress-based. Also, we now have a proper mailing system. As always, feedback is much welcome. Please let us know, if you miss any information or there are any bugs.

With the mailing system we may send a few more occasional emails but this should never spam your inboxes.

Where we would like to ask for your support is:
– sign up with your current email address.
– make sure that your JEF friends from the days have also signed up. You can now use this form here on this website to add your/their contact details.
– if you have any nice pictures or stories from your time, please send them over to the board and we are happy to add them to the photo gallery.

Congratulations to new JEF team


At its European Congress in Zurich on 24 October 2015 JEF-Europe adopted its policy for the coming two years and elected a new Bureau. Our president Jan had the chance to address the Congress and invite retiring JEFers to join the Friends of JEF.

For the next two years Christopher Glück and his team are now in chance and we wish them a strong federalist hand in their fight for a united Europe.

A big round of appreciation also goes to our board member Pauline Gessant for her dedicated four years as JEF president and the great contribution she and her team have made to the organisation.

More information on the Congress can be found on the JEF website.